Dinner Theater

Dinner Theater
Dinner Theater For 1 Night @ SQIRL
January 28th, 2017  
7:45pm Arrival
8PM  Dinner and drinks by SQIRL
Written by Alec Coiro and Caitlin Rider 
Starring Alec Coiro, Erin Falls and Caitlin Rider 
January 28th, 2017 8PM
Dinner and drinks by SQIRL
with music by Jay Israelson and Alec Coiro 
Exodus is a musical comedy that explores the coastal migration habits of North Americans in the early 21st Century. Elaborating on the Caitlin Rider and Alec Coiro's New York City-based musical Insecurities, Exodus follows its protagonist as she lives by the dictum that "moving to L.A. will solve all of her problems." 
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--On The Table: Scrap biscuit w/ fermented buckwheat honey
--Pea Tendril Salad
--Yogurt Braised Marin Sun Chicken
--Crispy Beets w/ Kumquats
--Piri Piri Hash
--GF Tart
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