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Pudwill Berries

Jam Capsule ②: Apricots & Berries

Jam Capsule ②: Apricots & Berries

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Summer– just when we finish canning one variety a new variety enters our kitchen. To most, it seems like berries or peaches or nectarines or cherries all come in at the same time. But, the reality is that each week of the summer means a new fleeting variety that’s around for two weeks before it’s gone again until next year.

What we realized is that the resulting preserves can tell a story - an appreciation for a moment in time.This year, we’re creating capsules: 4-packs of jams made within a time span of two weeks.

Jam Capsule :
June 22, 2021 - July 6, 2021

Blenheim Apricot
Andy Black Cherry + Rick's Strawberry