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Pudwill Berries

Olallieberry Fruit Spread

Olallieberry Fruit Spread

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Delicate, Blackberry, Cassis 
About the Fruit
Olallieberries (“Ollalie” being a Native American word meaning “berry”), first developed at Oregon State University in 1949, are a cross between a Loganberry (a raspberry-blackberry cross from California) and a Youngberry (a blackberry variety from Louisiana). Although first developed in Oregon, these Olalliberries now thrive along the California coast, though not many farms cultivate these rare and highly perishable berries. 
We get our Olallie’s from 2 Peas in a Pod Farm in the early summer for the brief 2-week juncture when these delicate berries ripen and are ready for harvesting. This rich berrylicious jam is a special marker of the year for us as we enter into our summer season 
*Olallieberries, *Cane Sugar, *Lemon Juice 
*Certified Organic