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Sqirl Coffee - Ethiopia Guji Uraga

Sqirl Coffee - Ethiopia Guji Uraga

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Sqirl Coffee in 8oz Holiday Sizing.

A little bit a bout what we are doing with Sqirl Coffee which is in collaboration with the esteemed Andrew Barnett from Linea Caffe.  

First off - We are buying beans directly from - Aleco Chigounos - a dear friend who’s company, Red Fox Coffee Merchants - “is devoted to building equitable and resilient supply chains that give coffee farmers a voice in the marketplace.”
Sqirl’s goal is to work with Aleco to directly purchase small lots of coffee from farmers who are invested in their land and from specific plots on their farms that provide a unique take of terroir.  
With this viewpoint, we are able, mostly, to purchase the entire lot of beans from the location — making the coffee exclusive to Sqirl.  Other times, the coffee comes from a group of farmers - (a co-op from a village for example) and even though there are more beans than we need, we’ll purchase them anyway knowing that maybe one or two other roasters may have the coffee…because it’s just too good to pass up.
This Ethiopia Guji Uraga was one of those coffees that was too good to pass up.  Located in the beautiful mountain landscapes of the highlands is Guji, Uraga. This area is considered the highest elevation in Ethiopia with an altitude of 2,310 meters.


Hana Asrat Washing Station is located in the Yabitu Koba Village of the Uraga Woreda. The wet mill is run and managed by Feku Jebril who have, through the years, specialized in processing washed coffee.

In the early morning, Around 720 farmers selectively pick cherry and deliver to this wet mill. While the afternoon is dedicated for depulping. This lot is a fully washed coffee with an approximately 24-48 hours of ferment time, then soaked for 4 hours before drying on the beds.

This coffee has a richer mouthfeel and it works well with milk while at the same time having notes of mango, candied lilac, and rich lady peach.