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Yuzu Marmalade

Yuzu Marmalade

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Yuzu: a hybrid of mandarin orange and the ichang papeda.
Introducing Sqirl’s first ever yuzu marmalade made with certified organic yuzu from our friends at Mud Creek Ranch. These yuzus gave so much of themselves that the recipe is just two ingredients, the fruit in all of its forms (finely cut rinds, membrane, its pectin and juice) and the minimal addition of organic unrefined cane sugar.  Hands down the best marmalade we’ve ever made. 
In this moment where we find ourselves in an industry well below capacity, to be a preservation company that can take such a special product rarely available in this quantity, pay market value directly to the farmer, and preserve the fruit with nuance brings us such joy.  A joy in flavor and texture that we are excited to share with you. 
Note: unlike British marmalades our yuzu marmalade contains a mixture of all the pieces of the fruit—its rind, pulp and juices.